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"Trust is of You, beautiful smile of us"

Dr. Stoyan Conev


Dr. Conev completed his education at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Sofia in 2005. Since then he continues his development attending many courses in aesthetic dentistry, innovative techniques and modern approaches and conservative treatment.

His motto in life is:„ Smile and the world will smile! „


The first practice open immediately after the completion of his education in Sofia. Many specializations combined with practice gives him the solid foundation on which to build. Continues the family tradition of his family holding a clinic in one of the most - beautiful Bulgarian towns - Petrich, making periodic consultations and there.

"Being not only a dentist, but man - it is calling" - says Dr. Conev and down to earth continues its human and artistic activity, namely to donate beautiful, healthy and bright smiles!


Passed a number of training and qualifications in the dental field, Dr. Conev today use modern methods to treat your teeth. Using the most advanced equipment in conjunction with world famous brands of dental products and a good attitude and attention to patients, it is today one of the most - popular dentists in the region of Sofia and Petrich.

The objectives of Dr. Conev are enabling his patients to experience the highest international standards in dentistry.

Leave satisfaction from their work not only as an expert in it, but in each patient is an important motive in his work, as well as giving comfort and security during his stay in the dental office.

When Dr. Conev receive due attention and proper treatment!